An Introduction To The Most Popular Types Of Bolts Available For Different Applications

Have you ever stepped into the market to buy a bolt or some other fastener for any of your applications? Do you know what are the different types, grades, sizes, dimensions and other configurations are available in a bolt? Do you know how much it is important to select the right option? If you don’t have answers to any of the above questions, so, this article is for you. Here, we discuss the most popular and widely used type of bolts that are probably used in different applications. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

Hex Bolt: It has six sided forged head with a machine thread and is used along with a nut to secure a joint on both sides of the surfaces. It rotates on its own axis to pierce the surface and secure it completely. In most of the industries, it is also recognized as caps screw or machine bolts. The main reason for its popularity is its high tolerance power and its wide availability in standard as well as non-standard sizes. You can use them in wood, steel or other materials. Further, they get classified into three categories Half Threaded, Full Threaded and Metric and the selection varies as per the need of the application.

Carriage Bolt: With its easy availability and great demand it cLag screws for wood  omes in the second position in the list. It basically has round but the smooth head with no slots in it. However, there is a square shoulder under the head, which ensures the safe and strong lock of the fastener. It is hard to remove once you lock it with a nut in any wood application. Only a few types of fasteners work well with wood and it is one of them. Moreover, it provides a smooth and luster finish to the fastening application.

J-Bolt: These are coming in J-shaped design and probably have no heads. Generally, these are used to support the hanging items. These are common of their types and are highly durable in nature. Most of the times, contractors used such fasteners at the time of erecting a building. Their long end thread with a hook on another head distinguished them from any other type of bolt. You can drill them into concrete walls with an ease.
Apart from these top 3 popular bolts, the market has so many other options to offer such as Foundation, Eye, and Stud, etc. identify your need before placing your order.


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