If you own a boat cleaning, washing, and detailing company then you need to consider all the potential types of business available near you. Too often high-end detailing companies want to clean, detail, and service the Mega-Yachts and do bother looking at the bread and butter accounts available. For instance; charter boats and tour vessels make great steady weekly washing customers, and often partake in add-on detailing and specialty services.

Last year, I was consulting with a new start-up Book Andaman Tour Package boat cleaning company and they asked me how they could go about having a more regular clientele, and a steadier income. Okay so, let’s discuss this, and see if I can make my point, you be the judge – deal? Let’s talk;

Tour Boat Operators

Tour boat operators operate on volume and efficiency. Your schedule must adhere to theirs, and your turn-around time is crucial. Power washing is big with these customers, and so is preventative rust control, and painting. Remember their customers must have an enjoyable experience, meaning there cannot be any grease spots, bird droppings, smudge marks, or dirt anywhere. When steam cleaning railings you must spray at all possible angles to clean it properly, and you cannot take short-cuts.

If you will train your crew to respect these tour boat customer’s vessels just as they do the large pristine yachts, everything ought to be fine. One challenge is to keep up the quality, as regular cleaning of tour boats can get monotonous, and it’s just not as fun, but such regular customers can really help your boat cleaning business’s bottom line. A few of these types of customers and you will already have a steady book of regular weekly wash work. In many areas the tour boat business is seasonal, but during the off season it’s often time to do repairs, painting, etc.

Charter Boat Operators

When it comes to charter operations and charter boats, they come in all types and sizes. There are sail boat charter operators, fishing boat charters, luxury yacht charters, you name it – and their clientele and customers have an abundance of reasons for charting a boat for a day, a week, or maybe more. These businesses need their vessels cleaned prior to departure, and/or after a cruise. Setting them up on a weekly wash schedule also works well, along with special add-on services as requested. These can be some of your best customers, but they do require legendary level service.

Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. If you have any concerns, comments, or questions feel free to email me, as I’d love to know what is on your mind!


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