Creating Great Mobile Content – The Melting Pot Theory

Whenever a comedian performs a set the audience are usually left with only few stand out jokes. The audience will then go home and try and relay the best jokes to their friends. The best jokes are the result of the “Melting Pot Theory”. The comedian might have performed for 2 hours, but the audience only remembers 15 minutes. This is how the human mind works. Whenever you watch a movie your brain will only remember a few key scenes in great detail. When you try and tell your friends about the movie you will find yourself talking about these key scenes. The following may sound familiar “did you see the part when…”

When you create mobile content you must take this theory into Whole Melt Extracts consideration. Users who are consuming mobile content only have time to watch the “best bits” or the “key scenes”; nothing else matters! For example, mobile content providers who specialize in creating adult content will typically take an existing adult DVD and spend a long time culling it down until they have around 20 to 30 clips that may only go for 1 minute each. Melting a DVD down into a series of exciting clips is the art of creating great mobile content. Producers may spend a few days staring at the same DVD over and over again in order to extract what they believe are the key scenes. Although this process sounds easy, producers have a hard time deciding what to keep and what to delete.

This theory applies to everything, not just videos. For example, a high resolution image of a naked women in a park may need to be reduced in size, cropped and altered before it is suitable for mobile. The producer will typically use a program like Photoshop to melt the image down until they have a product that can be turned into a wallpaper or animation.

Content producers who create “Mobisodes” face the challenge of creating these “key scenes” from scratch. They have no content to melt down, but must instead generate great mobile content from nothing. Producers will typically create a story with only a few central characters, simplistic backgrounds and a storyline that is easy to follow. When a producer creates mobisodes they will always make more then is needed, so they can still melt away the parts they do not like. Creating extra content gives the producer room to move when it comes to editing.

In conclusion, if you want to create great mobile content you must always look for the “money shot”. A photographer may take a thousand pictures before finding the one they want. Melting content takes time and skill; it should not be rushed. Producers who perform the process will most likely compare it to an art form. A skilled producer can take a boring DVD and create the most thrilling mobile series you have ever seen!


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