Deer Hunting Land and Leases

Deer hunting land and leases can be viewed from two different perspectives. For those hunters who want to hunt with a degree of privacy during a particular time of year, or are looking for long term land use, a lease makes perfect sense. For people who own land suitable for hunting, leases turn land into income generating property.

Deer hunting land and leases have become more popular as population has increased and strained public hunting areas. It is not unusual to hear a hunter talk about how there were too many hunters on the land. When hunting land is over-hunted, it not only reduces a hunter’s chances of bagging game. It also creates a dangerous situation as hunters inadvertently point guns at each other. When needing deer hunting land, and leases are available, hunters are able to enjoy private hunting grounds with less risk. The hunter chooses the time the lease will be in effect.

Unlike the past, rental of deer hunting land, and leases stipulating the terms, are available for short term periods. A hunting lease can run for periods varying from years to one week. It is important to make sure the lease clearly states the specific dates you are allowed to use the land. The lease will name the lease fees, any deposit requirements, sublease rights or restrictions, and all land hunting rules. In return, the person leasing the land gets hunting rights and agrees to hold the land owner harmless.

It is easy to find deer hunting land and leases online and sorted by state. For example, deer hunting land and leases in Kentucky are available. Online descriptions will provide aerial view pictures and a description of the property available for lease. The descriptions will also include the amount of acreage, the species of wildlife spotted on the property, and any possible least-to-own programs. Leases are also available for renting property when it is not hunting season for recreational purposes.

For those thinking about making hunting land and leases available to the public, there are many advantages. Unused land is turned into a money generator. You also reduce trespassing problems, take control of who is hunting on the property, and obtain release of liability through the lease. When you lease your land for controlled hunting, wildlife management is implemented. Hunters also often improve land by clearing areas and planting grass to attract wildlife. The land that is leased is protected from development also. Hunting leases cover short or long periods for individual hunters or hunting clubs.

When looking at hunting leases, don’t forget that land prime for hunting is often also prime land for fishing due to the location of lakes and streams. Land can be leased for other sports such as fishing or camping rights during the off hunting season.

When you want to lease hunting land, or your property is ideal as deer hunting land and leases are an option, it pays to use professional agents. Professional services can assist you with developing mutually agreeable lease arrangements. They will also make sure you do not exclude important considerations. The land is inspected and well documented to insure it is some of the best hunting land available.


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