You might be asking yourself “How can I improve staff morale and staff satisfaction“!

If you are a business owner with 1-20 staff you may like to keep reading as I discuss how you can go about improving morale within your team(s) and get them to start thinking about working towards your goals for the business, rather than just completing their daily tasks.

Regardless if you have 1 or 20 or more staff, each member of your team needs to know their role and what you expect from them and believe it or it, you may find it is relatively easy to improve performance in any area of your business that includes resources, this could be suppliers, contractors, customers and so on.

How do they know their role?

Your staff (including Managers) should have… a set of tasks that are assigned to them as part of a job description or duty statement. If they have moved roles they may not have those clear guidelines. Some of your team may have undertaken additional training and upskilling courses that have provided them with higher qualifications, better understanding, and/or ability to take on unique tasks not initially assigned to the role.

In either case, you may need to set up some time to go over their tasks with them and update their role description. While you are doing that you can CISCO STAFF recognise their contribution and acknowledge you appreciate they are striving to better their skills. If a payrise is in order, but you can’t afford it, think of other ways to reward your staff.

Possibilities for rewards could include: leasing a vehicle on their behalf – offering a luxury weekend away – $100 food voucher – tickets to the movies – dinner voucher – family theme pass – team building day out – courses & training programs – and so on.

Measuring performance

You may like to establish a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be measured every year when you review their performance. The KPIs can include some of your values (mentioned below) where you can ask your staff how they have positively impacted the customer’s experience, or refer to a policy and ask how they met those requirements, and so on. If your staff are aware they are required to meet certain requirements they will be more likely to do so.

In addition, giving them an opportunity to add to the KPIs and request further development of their skills can be a wonderful boost for their self esteem and when you show you are listening to their needs they will be more willing to do their best for you and your business.

How do they know what you expect?

Establishing a set of policies that describe your expectations for the business, values, goals, vision, quality, customer service, behaviour, team work, and so on helps to define your business.

New and existing staff should read and agree to those policies, as it gives them a greater understanding of you – the business owner – and what you expect for your Customers, your staff, and your business. If you have policies, that is great, you get brownie points. Ensure you keep them up-to-date and enforce them, because if you don’t they may not be worth referring to at all. If your staff don’t read them, how are they to know what you expect.


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