. Legalizing Online Gambling

I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Barney Frank, the United States House Representative from Massachusetts. Frank has been active in the fight for legalization of online gambling. With the current economic state it is the legalization of online gambling is vital. 메이저사이트  In the report “The Safe And Secure Internet Gambling Initiative” this will result in 32,000 new jobs and generate around $57 billion worth of tax revenues in the course of five years. With unemployment at 10 percent and states and local governments rushing to fill budget holes and budgets, we as a country have no other option other than to make gambling legal. It is incredibly sad to observe this once proud and strong nation in the mess it’s in. Contrary to the words of Obama says, the economy is in a mess. Obama claims that the economy is in messy as more and better jobs are at risk of lost than those that are gained.


Many will protest against this by citing fraud and safety concerns, but there are some safeguards being discussed to reduce this. One of them is protecting youngsters by using security controls such as personal information verification, which is derived from the credit history of a person. This ensures that nobody younger than 18 is allowed to engage in any type of gambling. There are other compulsive gambling security measures, such as tracking any unusual behavior, as well as toll free numbers to seek help for problems with gambling. Secure financial transactions are an essential aspect. The money that is transferred to an Internet gambling company can be held in escrow and give consumers the chance to challenge illegal transactions. I hope the president Obama will take the right decision and take this initiative forward so that we can return to becoming the global top power.

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