Selecting the Perfect Junior Golf Club Set For Your Child

Junior golf equipment has advanced significantly in recent years. Gone are the days when junior golfers needed to play with adult clubs that were trimmed down to size.

It’s fine to get a really young child started out by using a cut down 5-iron and putter, however as children grow older, they require a junior golf club set which has been produced with their bodies in mind. Currently there is certainly a superb range of companies producing clubs specifically for junior golfers.

However along with all the different models of clubs to select from, there are many factors to keep in mind when purchasing junior golf club sets.

Club Shaft Length

Length will be the primary aspect to consider. The key should be to locate a set of clubs which is the proper length for your junior golfer, and a set that the youngster will be able to grow along with. Keep in mind that it’s Acceptable for the junior to choke lower or grip down along the club. You actually just don’t want him or her to shift their hands down the grip an excessive amount.

The fundamental concept is this: if your junior golfer is choking down in excess of 1½ to 2 inches, they might be choking down an excessive amount. Choking down in excess of two inches can alter their entire swing, needing them to manipulate the swing so they can get the club up around their body. A set of clubs whose length demands the junior to grip down just one inch lets them create a normal swing in conjunction with the ball, while most likely contain sufficient length to Vclub tel  obtain a second season out of the set of clubs.

Grip Size

The next aspect to consider is grip size. Paying particular attention to grip size for junior golfers is really a new concern today. In past times, golf clubs had been cut down and whichever grip which matched the shaft had been attached. However extra-large grips bring about the identical complications for juniors as each one does for mature golfers. If the grip seems just like a baseball bat, that is definitely going to change your swing.

Therefore when shopping for a set of junior golf clubs, make certain they’re installed with junior grips. Should you be switching grips, request junior grips having a core size of.50. These kind of slimmer grips will make a positive change to your child’s golf game.

Shaft Flex

One more important thing to consider will be shaft flex. The leading downside to cut-down clubs for junior golfers will be stiffness of the club shafts. Once you take 4-5 inches of length off of a golf club, you make the shaft tremendously inflexible. And also this explains the reason why juniors making use of cut-down clubs can’t seem to obtain any height attached to their shots.

One advantageous factor with brand new junior golf cub sets is that the manufacturers are now producing shafts which are the correct flex for kids’ swing speeds. Employing light-weight steel as well as graphite have created junior golf clubs that are much more playable. The shafts of junior clubs nowadays are so flexible that you can easily bend them using your hands. Therefore test in order to ensure that your child’s set of clubs features a nice, bendable shaft.

Junior Club Weight

The weight regarding the golf club is likewise extremely important for junior golfers. Whenever the club is excessively heavy, the kid may find it difficult to get the club to the top of the back-swing. This struggle to get the club back brings about a manipulation of the swing which leads to inconsistency. Any lighter weight club can assist the junior to get the club within the best position at the top of the swing, as well as bring about an effortlessly repeatable swing.

Exactly like with shaft flex, nearly all club manufacturers produce junior clubs with lighter heads and shafts. Therefore before you purchase, just be sure to compare the overall weight of the clubs. You need clubs which are light enough to match your child’s age and size.

As adults, most of us understand exactly how difficult the game of golf can be some times, and just how much the appropriate equipment can improve our games. Simply by keeping these factors in mind when shopping for junior golf club sets, you will assist your boy or girl to play much better golf, but more importantly, have more fun on the golf course.


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