Shopping List For English Bulldog Puppies

You just came home with your little bundle and realize you have nothing for him. While there are hundreds and hundreds of things you can buy him, here are the first essentials he’ll need right now. Everything else can be picked up later.

1. Bowls – You may think getting bowls is the easiest part, but there is more to it than what looks the best. Consider getting stainless steel bowls with a rubber bottom and tapered sides. This will keep your English Bulldog puppy from pushing the bowl all over the floor and the tapered sides will help stop spills. They are also easy to clean and extremely durable!

2. Collar – Leather or nylon collars are always the best  French bulldog under $1000 choices. Your puppy is definitely going to be growing and quickly so consider getting a collar that is adjustable so that it can get larger as he does. There are many places that will stitch your puppy’s name and your phone number on the collar in case he gets away.

3. Leash – Using a retractable leash for your English Bulldog puppy is not the best bet since he is still so little. A 6 foot leash with a sturdy metal clip will work just fine. The length is good for training exercises as well as walking.

4. ID Tag – Even if your puppy’s collar has his name and your number, you will still want him to have an ID tag as well. You can fit more info on the tag and he will never grow out of it.

5. Chew Toys – English Bulldog puppies are not big chewers but every puppy goes through the teething stage and you’ll want to have these handy for your sanity as well as your puppy’s. Brands such as NylaBone or Kong are very durable and can be stuffed with treats to encourage chewing.

6. Bed – Your puppy will want something soft and comfortable to sleep on. Look for a bed that has polyfill conserves as this retains heat and will help keep your puppy warm and snug all night.

These are just the basics that your English Bulldog puppy will need for his first few days in his new home. As time goes on and your puppy grows, you will learn his likes and dislikes so that you can better decide on treats, food, etc.


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