How do you know if you are hooked on smoking grass? I remember back in the days when I was smoking pot I often kidded myself I wasn’t addicted and that I could easily give it up at any time. Fortunately I did actually manage to quit smoking weed, but not after a lot of heartache and plenty of soul-searching. However one thing I discovered along the way was there were certain habits or things I did that should of acted as a warning sign to reveal that I was addicted.

1) The first warning sign is that you find yourself smoking more and more weed. Perhaps you only used to smoke one or two joints every now or the odd bowl at the weekend, but now you can’t make it through the day without smoking at least three or four reefers. gras online kaufen 

2) Would you say that your smoking habit has had an impact on your social and work life? Do you find yourself withdrawn from friends constantly making excuses not to go out, and stay indoors in favour of smoking some weed? Have you become lazy and even stopped doing the things that you used to love doing the most?

3) Not only are you smoking more weed on a daily basis, you have to consume far more just to get that stoned feeling or high! Whereas a few months back smoking one joint gave you a buzz and inadvertently knocked you out for a few hours, you now find yourself constantly chasing that buzz and smoking spliff after spliff with no real effect? (or just making you tired)

4) Do you find that when you don’t have the opportunity to smoke or if you are having trouble getting hold of some weed that panic almost sets in? You find that you are becoming restless and are in turmoil over where your next joint is coming from.

5) Do you find that you’re regularly thinking about getting high? You can’t seem to go through the day without thinking about when you will smoke your next joint and the thought of quitting weed never even entered your mind.

If any of this sounds familiar, then marijuana or pot certainly has a hold on you and your life. If all of the above points are something that you recognize in yourself then I’m sorry to tell you that the likelihood is you are addicted. No matter what you tell yourself, life will never feel any better until you finally decide to quit smoking weed. You know it, I know it, but are you willing to do anything about it?

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