Welcome to my experience with Synergy Spanish. Here I will give you an honest account in this Synergy Spanish Review. There are a number of online Spanish courses out there but I will let you know about my experience with the Synergy Spanish course.

First of all, let me give you some background into the revolutionary founder of the Synergy Spanish course. This founder is Marcus Santamaria. He felt frustrated with the Spanish courses out there and found that many courses were irrelevant and tedious, making the Spanish learning experience extremely boring, like a chore. So he wanted to make a course that could teach Spanish to people in a fun and interesting way. He also wanted this course to be accessible to people and not intimidate people by bogging them down with endless and sometimes dull vocabulary and grammar.

So Marcus created the Synergy Spanish course. His basic premise is that by learning just 138 words, you can basically get a very good grounding in the Spanish language.

I was very intrigued by this premise and wanted to try this course out for myself.

Firstly, as soon as you pay for your un curso de milagros course, you will get a link and password to the course. There are several links, one for the written notes in the course and the rest are links to the audio lessons.

When first looking at the written notes, it can feel daunting and overwhelming as there are over 200 pages for you to print off. However, this is meant to be 25 days of learning. The course is designed as a guide for you to be learning a little bit everyday and has been split into 25 days. However, the beauty about online distance learning is that you can take your time with the classes. Instead of learning in 25 days, you can learn in 50 days or 100 days or however long you need. Similarly, if you are feeling eager and extremely motivated, you can learn in a shorter amount of time, like 5 or 10 days. It is all up to you!

Also included in the course are the audio files that enable you to listen to the Spanish work. Of course you can pause and rewind and this is encouraged as you can repeat the phrases out loud or in your head to improve your Spanish accent. Also, it is said that by listening to audio, it is more effective than by only reading a text. Most people will learn more by listening than by reading. So this course has both the text and the audio which will help you study and make the Spanish learning stay in your brain. This Synergy Spanish course will have you speaking in Spanish in no time!

There is also an added touch when you purchase this course and that is that Marcus will allow you to contact him via email for whatever questions or queries you might have. And he guarantees that you will get an answer from him usually in around 2 working days. This can prove useful if you get stuck.

All in all, I would highly recommend the Synergy Spanish course, especially to those who are beginners and have no knowledge of Spanish. The ease of this course also means that you can learn quickly. If you can follow the classes in this course in the time frame recommended, then you can obtain a basic understanding in conversational Spanish within a month.

The basic cost of the course is $67 and this is money well spent if you need to learn Spanish fast. Marcus Santamaria is so confident about his course that he guarantees you will benefit and if not, he will offer a money back guarantee. For this one off cost, you will be gaining knowledge that will probably last for your lifetime. Don’t delay, start learning Spanish now!


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