Fitness & Exercise Equipment for Your Facility or Home | Life FitnessOur combined experience in health span’s over 32 years. During that time all new members to our gyms where taken through an initial interview or assessment which partly involved questions around their fitness program. We looked at what forms of regular exercise they took, plus general questions about food and lifestyle. The findings brought to light some very interesting facts to achieving and staying in good health methandienone bayer. When it came to knowledge in these three areas, we discovered that most people already had a good basic knowledge. These findings proved to us conclusively over the years that wellness is more about doing than knowing. Put simply people know what they should be doing, but in their lives found the application very difficult. Today we all have infinitely more information available to us on wellness from a myriad of sources.

What we discovered dealing with tens of thousands of people was that the dominant factor to achieving results was the mindset of the people involved. When people are out their in their day to day lives, it’s sometimes easier to let your busy life schedule take precedence over your fitness schedule. The burger, chips and fizzy drink take priority over the chicken, salad and water. We often justify these decisions in a variety of ways. We often promise ourselves that we’ll get back on track with our fitness routine tomorrow or Monday morning when we have got the weekend out of the way. So what is the answer?

The answer is to be our own health coach. A professional coach brings people back on track and that’s what we need to do for ourselves. The professional coach in any field is always on the look out for new ideas and knowledge which will help their coaches. However what is equally important is how they communicate those ideas and knowledge, it has to be done with emotion, dedication, enthusiasm and a call to action. This is why each step of our “Fitness Schedule Action Plan” has a call to action. But equally important is that this knowledge is communicated clearly and emotionally. It’s this emotion that can really affect results and outcomes.

This is exactly the same when we come to coaching ourselves in terms of wellness and fitness. We must get emotional in our self talk, and wellness has to become one of our core values. We have to elevate the importance of staying in good health in our own minds. Then we can set about effectively using the knowledge we have to coach ourselves. This will help us stick to our fitness schedule, but reaching inside and starting to take charge. To be no longer dependent on encouragement from the instructor at the gym or inspiration from the article that promises sparkling good health in 6 weeks. So this brings us to the next question.

If you are wanting your fitness and strength program to come out guns blazing then you have got to incorporate kettlebell training into your training formula. You see the key to fitness is learning how to be efficient and to truly tap into your body’s potential. Everyone has the potential to be fit, but not everyone is willing to do what it takes in order to do so. Kettlebell training will take your workouts from mediocre to full speed in no time and help you to obtain that full potential within your workout program to achieve a super hard body.

If you really want to kick up your fitness then you have got to train with a purpose and direction. Fitness is more than just sitting at a stupid machine in the gym and going through the mindless motions of mimicking some single body part diagram. As a matter of fact, this isn’t what fitness is about at all. Fitness is about tapping into your body’s potential and properly navigating it to do what it is capable of doing. Having been a personal fitness trainer and strength specialist here in Atlanta, Georgia now for over 10 years I have had a lot of experience in training athletes and serious fitness junkies to see what that potential is all about.

Kettlebell training involves a completely different approach on conditioning your body. You see the thing about kettlebell training is that it is about teaching you how to manipulate movement patterns. This is very natural to our body’s, but it is something that we tend to lose over time due to inactivity, lifestyle, and lack of day to day effort. A kettlebell workout will teach you what true fitness is all about whether or not you are trying to get into shape for a sport, for looks, or for general health and well-being. This is what guns blazing fitness is all about. The great thing about training with kettlebells is that it forces the “learning curve.” You can’t train with bells unless you have some sort of idea on what the hell you are supposed to be doing with them. This is what makes kettlebell fitness so unique.

Like I said, I have had the opportunity to train many people over the years here in the state of Georgia for matters concerning athletics, serious fitness, and general health. The one style of training that has withstood the test of time and has continued to amaze old and new clientele for me is kettlebell training. Like I said, everyone has the “potential,” but not everyone is cut out for it. Maybe you can ask yourself which group you belong to.

If you haven’t already started to incorporate kettlebell training into your fitness and strength program then you are missing out my friend. If you want to get that hard strong body then you have got to learn more about this and other effective training tactics by accessing more of my articles on the subject for free. Remember that most anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart!

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